Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you in cyber world...Hope your holiday is filled with fun and laughter and that you are enjoying the time you are blessed with to enjoy your family.

To all those families who are missing loved ones this year. never fear because of this glorious day you will be with them again and the lord will keep them safe until then.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A wonderful Blog to share

So I love this Guy. His name is Michael McLean and many of you know I love the Forgotten Carols. I have mentioned them in my book blog. Well he is the author/composer of that wonderful musical play. I recently got to hear him speak and perform..WOW it was amazing. He talked about being clinically depressed and how it effected his life. Of course I want to know the meds he is on cause they have to be good.
Anyway he keeps a blog called Mission 2 Be is not much but it is good to hear such a talented and spiritual man admit to his issues and work on making every day happy.

Enjoy my friends

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Peanut Gallery Comments

Well dear readers it is a very sad day when you look at your baby and see a little girl. My munchkin is only 13 months but suddenly the baby is no more and she is a full fledge toddler. Man she has grow up too fast. It really makes me realize what we hear all the time about don't blink you will miss it. Granted I will be the first to admit my daughter is not the typical 13 month old. I am not one to brag or to compare but my little one really is just a miss smarty pants. We talk, We walk, We started running this week, We climb, We know grandma's doggies name, we can call our kitty and we love the word NO. She has even started trying to climb on the big girl bed in her room. We are thinking of getting her some railings and some special sheets soon so we can start trying nap time. She is just so cute. But it sure does bug me when other people who don't know her try to tell me I am doing it wrong.

The other day we were out and about and I swear it was nosy lady day. First I got told giving my daughter a lollipop was bad parenting, and then I got informed that she was too little for sippy cups, and then some moron decided that letting my daughter walk while holding my hand was wrong and unsafe of me. I mean come on people do you think I am such a moron that I can't make decisions for my child or that I need the whole world to tell me what to do. My daughter had a lollipop because the poor girl is cutting 4 teeth. She deserved a little something. And She is too plenty old enough for a sippy cup. What should I let her have a bottle until she is 5 like your kid and give her soda in her bottle to boot? As for walking while holding my hand: at least she is holding my hand and behaving unlike your kid who almost ran in front of a car and got hit.

I mean there are a ton of things that I see other parents doing, especially on the MAX., and yet I don't say a word. I mean some of these kids are real hellions. But I don't throw some fit or say some smart remark under my breath about the parents so they can hear. I mean I might say something after they leave but never to the parent.

So unless you know exactly every detail of my child's behavior and their personality like I do..Just Shut up.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa Claus

So this is a topic that I thought long and hard about the best place in my blog to put it. I finally came to the realization that it is really my Rant for the season and deserves to be treated as such.

Santa is a viable part of Christmas and He does not take away anything away from the celebration of the season nor does he take the thunder from Jesus Christ. Yes many people around the world do not believe in Jesus and they just celebrate the secular holiday. But frankly even they are learning something about Christ by having Santa.

It really drives me crazy to here Christians say that Santa has nothing to do with the True meaning of Christmas and that We should just forget him. Well Guess what folks...Open up your brains and face the facts you can't keep Santa from your kids and you really can't tell people he is of the devil. So get over it. Santa is a mythical embodiment of the Spirit of Christmas. He teaches Selfless giving and service to others. He teaches that all should be loved and treated as equals no matter their race, age or religion. He teaches our Children that we should give to others with no need for anything in return. As parents it is our job and responsibility to teach these things to our Children. It is our responsibility to share the story of the Nativity with our families and to teach the boundaries and true meanings of the things that Santa Embodies.

Instead of telling our children he is evil and that he has no place in Christmas take a minute to see what he represents. He represents the Love of Jesus. He gives to all in the world as Jesus does. He never expects anything in return, As Jesus does. He gives of himself freely as Jesus Does and Most of all he teaches us to Love on another as Jesus Taught. So if you look at him that way how can you teach your children to not do the things that Jesus Taught. How can you not be Santa for a family in need? How can you not reach out to those who may not know Christ and tell them that what they know is wrong? Even if they don't know Christ they know that Christmas is a time for giving.

Now I know you are going to say well it is so commercial and it is all give me, give me. give me...Well guess what that is our faults. We are not spreading the teachings of the season. We are not acting as Santa to those who need it, We are not teaching our Children the true meaning of the holiday.

The Facts of the situation are very simple. Historically the Tax season in Rome was in the Spring. This means Christ was not actually born on Christmas. The general historical concession is that Christmas was not adopted until the 4th Century AD. There are many different theories as to how Christmas came to be celebrated on December 25th. The most common is that the Roman Empire combined the Christian Feast with Yule to avoid issues between the Pagans and the Christians. The tradition of Santa are believed to be based on a man by the name of St Nicholas who was a Bishop of the Church and was attributed with many Miracles in his life time. His birthday is recognized as December 5th and is Celebrated in many areas with the giving of Gifts. Because he was a selfless man who Served Christ he is believed to be the Origin of Santa Claus.

So Consider this before you say that Santa has no place in Christmas...Does Selfless giving and service have anything to do with Christmas? In our Home Santa is very important and  yet before any presents are opened or another things are done on Christmas morning the Nativity is read. There for putting Christ at the Center of Christmas. Our Family man not have much this year but we are going to be Santa for several families we know who deserve a little holiday joy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Welcome to the Holiday's

Okay so I am a purest when it comes to holidays. I think that each holiday deserves to be honored and not overshadowed. I am not big on Starting the Christmas Holiday before Halloween. This drives me bonkers. You  know how stores will put up their Christmas decorations or their Christmas specialty aisles before the Halloween or even the Thanksgiving Holiday.

I was very happy to hear a clerk at salvation Army when he told me that they only put a few Christmas things out and if you wanted to find good Christmas stuff they are saving it for after Thanksgiving...YEAH Salvation Army. Now do not get me wrong I love Christmas, Well not the commercial stuff but I love the Music, the lights and the general nature of the season. I just hate the whole Shop until you drop mentality. I personally had 90% of my Christmas presents bought before Halloween and the only ones not done are waiting for a specific reason. I will be late on shipping but That is okay.

And now for my Rant...Forget this politically correct bull...If you wish me a Happy Holiday in some capacity I will wish you a Merry Christmas. I don't care if you wish me a Happy Hanukkah or a Happy Kwanzaa I love your holiday's. If you are specific I will honor that but If I don't know your are Jewish or something else Don't be offended by me wishing you a Merry Christmas. You get the point and you should just politely say thank you and use whatever term fits for you.

So to all of you out there....
Merry Christmas...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On Facebook

You will now notice that the Blogs have a Find me on Facebook option...YEAH you can now see all the Blog activity from Facebook on one page. All new posts will be linked from their but don't forget to follow the Blog..Something special will be coming after the new year if you are a public follower..So stay tuned...

Also you will notice that my Random Rants have bled over into the other pages in recent days. The Rant of the week will find it's self on several of my pages as it falls into each area for different reasons...But I am done ranting for today so if you want to read the rant head over to Straight Talk about Religion and Dive in...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Just a Rant

Okay so If you are paying attention to my blog you will notice that this main page is also referred to as "Random Rants" so with that It is time for a Random Rant....

I am a 90% stay at home mother..What does that mean well it means that if it works out I get to go to work one day a week for between 4 and 8 hours. Well with that being said I am not a miracle worker. I give huge points to the mom's who can chase a kid, keep a clean house, have a life and get some time for hobbies. THAT IS NOT ME....I suffer from a severe case of Social Anxiety Disorder..Now I know what you are thinking that just means you hate big crowds it is no big deal...well I hate to break it to you but SAD is a huge deal as is General Anxiety Disorder or GAD for short. With that being said, not many medicines work for Anxiety disorders and often then treat it like depression but IT IS NOT DEPRESSION. it is a physical inability to function. Okay so I hear the thought you are saying that is depression. Nope, I am not depressed I am a happy very active person, I love to hang out with friends, read books, enjoy the outdoors and all the things you hear that depressed people cant do. Well the problem is that the world scares me. yep that is exactly what it is, I am terrified of things like cleaning house, or shopping in crowded settings. I am terrified that you will come to my home and judge me if it is not spotless because i stay home all day. So i take the approach that oh well if you are going to judge you are not welcome. and then i live in a organized chaos. every couple of weeks the hubby helps out and we have a massive cleaning day. But I can not physically handle constantly cleaning as well as laundry, the kid and my hobbies. I love life it just scares me. I am an active social butterfly but that is my hurdle i deal with. It takes alot for me to do the things I love and so when I am home I just can't do anything. Everyone things I am lazy but it is actually the fact that this is my haven and if I dont want to clean I dont have too.
My Anxiety also means I over think everything. So anything that is said or done Will work away in my brain to the worst case senerio and then I am just a mess. So remember that if you are saying something to me and not thinking it through. also remember that if you think I will get over something it is no big deal you are wrong. It will bug me and fester for ages to come until the air is cleared...So are you worried you insulted me...well you probably did..Not originally but because my brain will continue with the thought process until it is an insult...maybe even days later...I don't hate you I am not better than you but Just getting dressed and going to church is a very scary and difficult for me...So if I am quiet or withdrawn it is because my brain has told me that I can't handle it and that I am not welcome. Logically I know differently and I work on it every time i do something but that is my hurdle and I am stuck with it....
Okay so back to what my rant is...I am not perfect and I never will be...well at least were being a perfect stay at home mom is concerned. If you have a problem with it then I am sorry, It is my house and I do what I can but I have other priorities in my life then cleaning all day everyday. I have a daughter to play with and entertain, I have hobbies and play dates and most of all I have the love of my life as my husband and frankly i would rather go on an all day date then clean house...So If you have someone in your life who's house is not sparkling clean don't judge them you never know what is going on for them...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The adventures in Shots

So with my precious little girl turning 1 last week we had to venture out to the doctor for her shots and physical. Wow what an adventure. We were running late due to some serious GERD and my poor baby needed a full bath. So in route we called the office and got told the next patient is here we will shuffle it around just come in we will see you. Well we get to the clinic and nope they can't see us, the message was never delivered to the doctor who was sitting in the back waiting for us. UGH. Well after much discussion and shuffling they had an 11:40am appt (2 hours later) so we had to come up with something to do so she could been seen cause I was not going home and coming back. By the time we get seen you would never guess she had been sick earlier in the day. she was active and running and kept trying to play with the doctor. Well then it was time for the dreaded shots. Now our old clinic would bring in a book and a rubber ducky for the kids to keep but to help distract them. We love our new clinic but no such thing. Anyway the nurse walks in an immediately the munchkin goes running for mom. We place her on the table and the click of the needled cap coming off an she was screaming. The needle had not even hit yet. Man I thought at this age they were not suppose to know this. I guess this is what I get for having miss smartypants. Four shots later my poor little girl is just broken, She is sobbing in mommy's arms and just jell-o. Daddy is a wreck he hates seeing his little girl hurt so remind me to leave him home on shot day. He probably would have lost it if he had gone alone. Well I get her some Tylenol. Again the old clinic offered it and brought it in and used the flavor to distract the kid. As much as I love this clinic (I went there as a kid) and it is soooo much closer to home..maybe we need to switch back...Never mind the thought I am not taking 4 hours to go to a doctors appointment. Anyway So we got home and had a great nap time mommy included. We had the typical low grade fever all evening and she had no appetite. I assured daddy that it was normal and okay. Well 11pm we have a night terror our first in weeks, 1am we wake up to projectile vomit and a sad little girl who is scared and does not understand what is happening. This was way different from her GERD, which she normally does not even register.We have a middle of the night bath since the diaper is up the back and down the legs too. Back to bed we go. All is okay with some coughs and whines during the night but no more major issues. We stir at 7am and just want to snuggle with our stuff puppy and now we are sleeping again. WOW I sure hate Shot days. But they are no necessary especially in our life. We have a little friend with CF and we have to do everything we can to keep him from getting sick. That even includes getting all the shots whether we want them or not. So on to my Rant for the week, get your kids vaccinated. You never know when they might come in contact with a little kid like our friend. The childhood illnesses are deadly even to normal kids think what you might do if you inadvertently expose a kid who is struggling to say alive already. Yes I will be the first to say I don't agree with Vaccines and that If I could i would avoid many of them. But I am not so selfish as to take another mother's child from her because I think I know better than Medicine. God gave these doctors, men and women even parents like us, the gift to find these cures and prevent so many children from dying. That is the miracle. We just have to realize that it is a miracle and not some waste of time.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Adventures

So we did the Trick O Treat thing this weekend, and we did it almost all weekend. I love when Halloween is on a Sunday so many more options to have fun. Friday night we went out at a Lion and did our very first Trick O Treat. The Little Miss figured out really quick that if she held her bucket out people would put candy in it. Now our Little miss is a  hound for candy. I swear she can sniff it out and she will try to hide that she has any. What a challenge with a 1 year old who thinks Cough Drops are candy and a Daddy you leaves everything on his nightstand at her level. I swear we have Candy races like every other day, you know when the kid has the candy and runs away so you won't take it. Of course I blame all of this on grandma..4th of July Teething Grandma decided a sucker was the solution...Now I have a candy fiend....UGH....

Any way back to Halloween, So we had a blast Friday out at the local shopping center. Saturday we went to our local zoo for some fun scavenger hunt and play time with the cousins. In the middle of all this we started seriously teething. So we stayed in on Saturday night. Sunday after an very eventful day at church we took a nap and then the Little miss just found her Lady costume and just held it crying...I think it was a hint. So we get her all dolled up and we went out with our Neighbor friend. We had a blast and at the end of the night I had a passed out Little lady and I had to pry her candy bucket from her hands. It was so cute.

So the day after is here, the Teething is now joined by a fever we got up for about 30 minutes and then she wanted to go back to bed...So here we are 3 hours later and she is still passed out. I keep checking on her and all is okay she must just need the sleep...Man Halloween can be exhausting I wish mommy could go sleep the day away. What I would give to be a kid for Halloween again.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Blog Coming Soon

I am working on an extension Blog...Should be exciting....Get your questions in now regarding Family History and Genealogy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well we are almost at the 1st birthday

Well here i sit with a full fledge toddler dancing to some music in my Living Room. My precious little bundle I had when I started this Blog is now almost 1 and way to smart for her age. We have been exploring the Potty, We walk and Man do we throw Temper Tantrums. We love to dance and sing. She constantly steals her daddy's flutes to play with them and she is super excited about the piano. Man do i have my hands full. I have been focusing mostly on my Straight Talk about Religion Blog lately and I want you all to know it has nothing to do with anything personal I just have been feeling very drawn towards that page as a way to get things out of my head. I have been running into so much Hatred and Persecution lately that I feel the best way to approach things is with my Blog, That way if you dont want to read it you dont have to and if you do you are fair warned.
My Craft Blog is getting updated about every 2 weeks but It will be home to some pictures and reviews of some more grown up craft ideas in the near future. Christmas will bring some fun and pictures.
Also with that said the Recipes on a Budget Blog is going to be featuring Custom Cakes for the next little bit. The first one will be this weekend and We will be making a from scratch German Chocolate Cake along with doing a cake carving and decoration with Pipping and Fondant. Next week will be be doing Cupcakes for a kids party and a classic 1st Birthday cake....Shortly after that we will be doing a Princess cake...or possibly a dog or cat cake...The birthday girl for that one has not made up her mind. Each cake will have a special twist and you will just have to check in for details and secrets :-) Not to mention it is time for Thanksgiving Recipes. I don;t know about you but it usually takes me most of November to plan what I am doing...and that is just if I am taking a dish to someone's house.

The Chronicles are jumping into an new era and we will be at home with a Daddy in School and a Stay at home mommy...Not to mention Miss Smarty Pants.

Well all My rant for today is....why cant i have more hands. My house was clean last week but it is almost worse this week...WHAT HAPPENED....Oh well time to get working on it again

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Blogging Morning

So we have been having tons of fun the last few days with Teething. But I am starting to enjoy being a morning person. okay so that is a fib. I still hate mornings but I am finding that I get up with the Hubby and can't go back to sleep...So it is all his fault. :-P
Anyway So I am enjoy these mornings because I am now getting about 2 hours a day in the morning that I can Blog and other things with out a munchkin in tow. I am knee deep in two family history projects and I am working on Ideas for getting my business off the ground. I am also gearing up for 4 weeks of Birthdays followed by Thanksgiving and then Christmas. and Then more Birthdays...Wow this is a busy time of year for us.
Crazy. Anyway. Check out my other blog pages and I will keep them coming. Please be patient if I get a little lax There is a lot going on. My original plan of Sundays to blog is long lost and I am just trying to get to them during the week day mornings when I can.
Thank you all for following my rants and be sure to share my Blogs with others..honestly right now I am beginning to think no one reads any of it....But I guess I had a comment on one of them...So someone did...
Well thanks anyways and I will be around...

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Okay So yesterday I had some just random catch up rants....Okay so it set in that it is now October....OMW I better get planning and scheming. We are having a Be a kid Party on the 30th and we are so excited. This also happens to be my dad's birthday so we are planning a fun full day of goof off and food. But I sure need to gt planning. I got some great goody bags at Dollar Tree. I totally need things to fill them with now...I think we are going to do Candy since many of our guests are using the party as a substitute to Trick or Treating. While we were looking at Halloween Decorations my husband found new dishes he wants. They are plastic...Not sure how I feel about that but Maybe...and they are all decked out with Pirate Jolly Rogers. Then there were some awesome mugs I liked. Have I mentioned that in our Home we go all out for Halloween. Our Little one is getting like 3 costumes and Mommy and Daddy dress up too. Not to mention that Daddy puts a lot of time into a Haunted house in the area. So he is super busy. The only thing we are missing is not having a yard to decorate...But we have a solution...we are going to crash my folks, rack their leaves and fill a huge Spider to leave on their retaining wall....but shhhh we have not told them. Okay so beyond that we are also going to a great event at the Oregon Zoo on the 30th. It is called Howloween and it will be a fun activity for the kids. Everyone is welcome to Dress up but Please remember that the animals will react to some costumes so keep them mellow.

Well I better get planning...Man only a few weeks to get everything together...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October already

Wow, so time has just flown by. My precious little joy will be a year next month. WOW what can I say. She is walking and practically running around the house, and a stroller just will not contain her. We arediligently working to get my husband all set up with College. He has found a program that is perfect for him and all online. We are just sorting out the funding and then we will be good to go. Classes start November 1st. YEAH!!!. 

Life has just taken off and has been rushing by with out me, it feels. I am here and I am still functioning. I am fighting a battle to maintain my medical insurance and We are starting to contemplate the next spirit to join our home. Today and tomorrow I am taking the time to slow down and enjoy Conference from the comfort of my own home. I have been blessed to attend the temple several times in the last several weeks and I am truly touched by the simplicity of the things there in. I am looking forward to sharing these wonderful sessions with my dear friends. I had the amazing privilege that the beginning of September to sit with two gals who I have known for years. Our lives have changed drastically in the last 10 years and non of us are were we thought we would be, however we were able to sit together in the house of the lord on an amazing day that non of us will ever forget, no matter were our lives take us. I only hope that life will work out for us to enjoy the house of the lord together again. 

I have also be very busy exploring new opportunities for my family and for my self to build relationships with amazing people all over the world. Not to mention I have been knee deep in a family history mystery and I think I have solved it. Still waiting on some further information but I think by george I got it.!!!!

Well that is my rant...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back among the living.

So I know I have been missing in action for a while. I am truly sorry. Things have been hectic and crazy in the stay at home world. However the benefits are wonderful and I am very happy.
My munch-kin is now walking and that is a handful. My husband is getting ready to start school again and we have been fighting the financial aid battle for ages however it appears we think things are all figured out and it should be a great and wonderful thing for our family. My gaming life has of course added some time to my responsibilities. But I am having fun, and not even gaming that much. I have been working on my sewing skills and I have been doing a great deal of soul searching. I could not be happier and yet there are so many things to be worked out. But you know what that is the joy of life.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Where is She???

Okay so I know I have been Missing in Action for a few weeks. I am so sorry. But the story is a long one...Not really...

I was at a concert for a great band called GREAT BIG SEA and I fell and hurt my foot really badly. Now you might say so how come you have not been writing you have had all the extra time. Well I started a new project and it has taken more time than I thought and suddenly everyone has plans for me..but me....

Anyway I have now had a minute to touch in..I will write more later...But I am still here....

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mommy in a Cast

So this week has been a huge adventure and I must apologize for not getting to the blog sooner. But once I fill you in you will completely understand....

So on Wednesday I got to see an amazing band in concert at the Oregon Zoo. Talk about an amazing way to see concerts. Anyway the band was Great Big Sea. They are from Newfoundland and so talented. Anyway while enjoying the show I was dancing with my little sister and I hit a small hole in the grass. Well my leg went out from under me. I wrenched my knee and ankle pretty good and I thought it was just a sprain. Well I was unable to put any weight on it an had to come home in a wheel chair. After a day or so the swelling was not getting any better and I started having numbness in my toes. Not to mention it was super sensitive to even touch. So finally got convinced to see someone and the Urgent Care that had x-Ray was closed so I had to go sit at the hospital. Well it must have been a full moon or something cause it was crazy and full of crazies too. So after 3 hours of watching the drama of the waiting room I finally got seen. Well the verdict...Dis Located some bones in my arch, strained the tendons and ligaments in my ankle and top of foot and have some pretty good deep tissue bruising. Well the consider dis located bones in the foot broken so I have to stay off of it with a half cast for a few days until the swelling stabilizes. Then I can move to a air boot for a few weeks. Talk about so much fun, now add chasing a 9 month old into that. Talk about chaos. I have not been able to do anything let alone get things for my little one. You would think that means I have time to Blog well nope. I have tried and tried and it just has not happened until today.

Well check out the other pages they have some great new stuff...Thanks for hanging in there for this weeks Random Rants. Be sure to check out Great Big Sea on YouTube or pick up a CD.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shameless Plug

Okay so Today's post is exactly what it says a shameless plug for my Blog.

If you have not taken a few to explore the additional sites please do. I cover Recipes, Crafts, Books and Religion. I know the last one can get touchy but it really is a fun blog and I am very straight forward and would love to answer any questions from readers.

Pass it along and check out the fun you can find. You can also see the blogs I enjoy and support. Share the word and add yourself as a follower.

I promise you will love the journey and truly open your mind to learn.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What fun we have

Okay so I know that all the experts say not to let your kids watch too much TV and they definitely all agree on no TV before 2. But I have to admit me and my little one love to snuggle on the couch and watch some specific shows. I have even seen her start dancing to the music and wave good bye to the show when it is over. It never holds her attention long but she enjoys this time to hang out and snuggle. We also make sure that we always watch shows that we are okay with her watching if she is awake. Even if she is just playing and not paying attention we try to set a good example. Most of the time we have music and other background things on for some noise so mommy does not loose all sanity. Just so you can put things in a frame of reference my Little One is 8 months old. I will brag for a second on the fact that she is above the curve. But I have a miracle child and we do have so much fun together.

Recently we got Netflix. We decided to request the Instant Watch Disc for our Wii. Talk about a great choice. Well while we were surfing I came across their Library of Veggie Tales. I have always loved Veggie Tales. I think they are amazing and they are a fun way to teach values and lessons. Okay I can totally hear what you are saying 'but she is mormon' yeah so what these are great videos for kids and adults. We also have a foster teen in our home who knows little about the Bible and she has been enjoying watching these videos to learn about the stories and other things. It is really neat to watch. Well anyways back to my first train of thought. So everyone tells us do not let you little one watch TV. Well tough cookies people I want my daughter to learn these things from a young age and for her to learn respect for fellow man. So we watch Veggie Tales. (and some Fraggle Rock) What can I say We have fun. We sing the songs and we dance. and then we snuggle. It is really a fun way to transition into nap. So I say if you are careful about what they watch and when they watch it. Let your child learn. You would show them Baby Einstein right...Well why not something that teaches them love for their fellow man.
Search for Veggie tales
So that is my Rant for today...Be sure to take some time and enjoy a Silly Song


Monday, July 12, 2010

Going Green

Okay so I have to say that this rant is a regular occurrence and even I fall victim. Every time I head to the grocery store in search of items that take me onto the cleaning supplies I get so frustrated and yet even I cave and buy the products, even knowing what I know. All in the name of saving time. The fact of the matter is I could save a ton of time and money by just doing a few simple things around the house. Almost all of the cleaners we have today are new inventions. If you think about it people have been cleaning houses long before Clorox or Windex.. Simple things in  your home can be the best cleaners and be safe for all involved. I have horrible Allergies and cleaners tend to be big culprits on this front. If you want to kill me fast just clean with Pine-Sol while I am around. White Vinegar is an amazing cleaner. It does wonders on Floors and in Laundry. I mix about 1/2 cup of vinegar with Warm Water and it scrubs my floors up very nice. I pour about the same into my load of laundry and any cat or baby smells just vanish. I use to have an animal that would have accidents all the time. Well some Vinegar on the stain for about 10 minutes and then blot dry and small and stain gone. For added cleaning ability you can mix with water and laundry Soda. And the list goes on and on. Now if you just took the recipes and made a few bottles of things and labeled them you could save a ton on cleaning supplies. I mean really, the green cleaners in the store and more expensive than the others. So why not just make them at home and your all set. I recommend anyone attempting green cleaners for the first time to either look into a company like EcoSense or to pick up a book so you get the recipes right. Safety is important even with all natural items and mixing things in wrong orders or quantities can cause problems that are easily avoided. Listed are a few books that I have looked into and
would recommend. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

Well I find myself sitting on the couch watching Fireworks on TV. At the moment I am watching the Boston Pops Fireworks and you know what I am rather enjoying sitting at home and not burning up money. My husband and I have been sitting here talking and you know we love the idea of personal fireworks being illegal. I know that is so not 4th of July, but hey it works in California. So many people around here burn themselves or their houses and it would just be safer and cheaper for all involved if they were illegal. Also there are lots of places that do big shows and We live not far from Ft Vancouver if you really want a huge show, but even that is on TV. I think that like most holidays things have become too commercial. People break the law left and right to have the biggest and the best fireworks. Is that really what we have come to as a county?

What happened to celebrating freedom and the true meaning behind our country? America was founded for the right to make our own choices and to decide things for ourself. That does not mean we need to forget common sense. Then again most as I watch the Sing along with Boston Pops most people don't even know the words to the songs that illustrate our history. American history is fraught with trials and lessons for us to learn and how many people forget the true meaning of this day? My 10 year old sister looked at me and said "what do you mean no fireworks, that is what we do today" It is sad to me that is the only thing most people think of.

So take some time to remember and find a story that touches you about the importance of this day.
Search for american history books

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Under Construction

Happy 4th of July weekend

My Pages are being ungraded by a dear friend of mine New pages and subjects will be coming soon.

Enjoy your weekend and be safe

Thursday, July 1, 2010

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we have a tooth

So my daughter has been really clingy this week and my Blog has suffered. I just barely got to  my blog for Straight Talk on Religion and it was a very blunt and straightforward post this week. The reason for the clingy child well We finally have a tooth. We are 8 months old this week and our first tooth has finally cut the gums. We have runny nose, drool extreme and clingy big time. And in feeling it looks like tooth 2 is right behind this one.

Now I have not shared much about me or the likes since I started the blog. So you might be scratching your head about the real life of this blog. I will occasionally talk about a week with the child or something like that but I really am opposed to blogs that give full details of daily life or of children. In this world that is just asking for problems. But i will blog about struggles of being a stay at home mother, of missing adult interaction and of things i do to stay busy and to help keep the household budget.

I will share hobbies, Good books I read, challenges in keeping up with a little one, Fun ideas and adventures and other things. So bare with me as this blog grows and develops eventually a common idea will come out and the blog will evolve into it's true nature. For now keep reading and be sure to check out my Straight Talk about Religion side Blog. SAH Chronicles--Straight Talk about Religion

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

update- layout changes

Straight Talk about Religion has a new home. This should allow for a much easier way to share information and save posts. Because of this page layouts and links will be changing this next week as i have a chance.

Monday, June 21, 2010

New archiving idea

Okay all so after some thought I have decided that as I update my pages I will keep old posts underneath the new ones. After 1 month the posts will make an appearance on the main page and then be Archived for reference. So if you miss something and can't find it don't worry it will pop up again.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

week of adventures

This has been an adventurous week. After our week of the sick Child we had a ton of stuff this week. But yet we did not accomplish much. However the Child now walks around the living room saying "go Bye Bye" it took us a day or two to figure out what she was saying but once we did she was so excited. We are also now very successfully using the sign for play and we wave both hi and bye bye. When some friends were over earlier in the week she walked up to the friend and started whispering a very important secret. it was very funny. At weeks end we are just lounging around. Still need to make daddy's present for today and then we need to get ready for church and yet the house has blown up cause we were on the go all week. Really must set guidelines for how much we can do...time to break out the scheduler for summer..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Share with friends

So take a minute and read my new posts. Also even if you don't agree with some of it still share it. My goal is to help people understand and learn.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pages updated

Check out the new weekly post on the Straight Talk About Religion Page. Hopefully this page will be updated every Sunday. So check it out. Please Use the Comment Section on the page to submit Questions and I will do my best to provide answers.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The week of the Sick Child

So I am sitting on my couch today missing my one and only day of work a week because my munchkin has been sick all week. It started with a fever and looked like it might just be teething related. Then we developed a cough that was effecting her enough that we went to the ER at 2am on Wednesday, only to be told there is nothing wrong it is just a phase. After attempting to get some sleep on Wednesday we got a call from the doctor they wanted to see her on Thursday. So we finally make it into the Doctor on Thursday and we basically get told it is viral and they can send us antiboitics but she will probably just get better over time. My poor Munchkin is definatley not feeling well. Runny nose, icky eyes, cough and just plain fussy. Mommy has not slept in days. This little adventure in motherhood has definately lent to some interesting thoughts and some ideas for posting. So with all my time of hanging with the Sick kiddo I am now full of fresh ideas for my ramblings and things to share.

Plans for my blog will be a couple posts a week, I am going to be realistic and not commit to posting every day but I will sure try. Some great ideas will come
Food Storage Tips
Sewing Tips
Fun Crafts
and well anything else that I think about.....