Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mommy in a Cast

So this week has been a huge adventure and I must apologize for not getting to the blog sooner. But once I fill you in you will completely understand....

So on Wednesday I got to see an amazing band in concert at the Oregon Zoo. Talk about an amazing way to see concerts. Anyway the band was Great Big Sea. They are from Newfoundland and so talented. Anyway while enjoying the show I was dancing with my little sister and I hit a small hole in the grass. Well my leg went out from under me. I wrenched my knee and ankle pretty good and I thought it was just a sprain. Well I was unable to put any weight on it an had to come home in a wheel chair. After a day or so the swelling was not getting any better and I started having numbness in my toes. Not to mention it was super sensitive to even touch. So finally got convinced to see someone and the Urgent Care that had x-Ray was closed so I had to go sit at the hospital. Well it must have been a full moon or something cause it was crazy and full of crazies too. So after 3 hours of watching the drama of the waiting room I finally got seen. Well the verdict...Dis Located some bones in my arch, strained the tendons and ligaments in my ankle and top of foot and have some pretty good deep tissue bruising. Well the consider dis located bones in the foot broken so I have to stay off of it with a half cast for a few days until the swelling stabilizes. Then I can move to a air boot for a few weeks. Talk about so much fun, now add chasing a 9 month old into that. Talk about chaos. I have not been able to do anything let alone get things for my little one. You would think that means I have time to Blog well nope. I have tried and tried and it just has not happened until today.

Well check out the other pages they have some great new stuff...Thanks for hanging in there for this weeks Random Rants. Be sure to check out Great Big Sea on YouTube or pick up a CD.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shameless Plug

Okay so Today's post is exactly what it says a shameless plug for my Blog.

If you have not taken a few to explore the additional sites please do. I cover Recipes, Crafts, Books and Religion. I know the last one can get touchy but it really is a fun blog and I am very straight forward and would love to answer any questions from readers.

Pass it along and check out the fun you can find. You can also see the blogs I enjoy and support. Share the word and add yourself as a follower.

I promise you will love the journey and truly open your mind to learn.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What fun we have

Okay so I know that all the experts say not to let your kids watch too much TV and they definitely all agree on no TV before 2. But I have to admit me and my little one love to snuggle on the couch and watch some specific shows. I have even seen her start dancing to the music and wave good bye to the show when it is over. It never holds her attention long but she enjoys this time to hang out and snuggle. We also make sure that we always watch shows that we are okay with her watching if she is awake. Even if she is just playing and not paying attention we try to set a good example. Most of the time we have music and other background things on for some noise so mommy does not loose all sanity. Just so you can put things in a frame of reference my Little One is 8 months old. I will brag for a second on the fact that she is above the curve. But I have a miracle child and we do have so much fun together.

Recently we got Netflix. We decided to request the Instant Watch Disc for our Wii. Talk about a great choice. Well while we were surfing I came across their Library of Veggie Tales. I have always loved Veggie Tales. I think they are amazing and they are a fun way to teach values and lessons. Okay I can totally hear what you are saying 'but she is mormon' yeah so what these are great videos for kids and adults. We also have a foster teen in our home who knows little about the Bible and she has been enjoying watching these videos to learn about the stories and other things. It is really neat to watch. Well anyways back to my first train of thought. So everyone tells us do not let you little one watch TV. Well tough cookies people I want my daughter to learn these things from a young age and for her to learn respect for fellow man. So we watch Veggie Tales. (and some Fraggle Rock) What can I say We have fun. We sing the songs and we dance. and then we snuggle. It is really a fun way to transition into nap. So I say if you are careful about what they watch and when they watch it. Let your child learn. You would show them Baby Einstein right...Well why not something that teaches them love for their fellow man.
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So that is my Rant for today...Be sure to take some time and enjoy a Silly Song


Monday, July 12, 2010

Going Green

Okay so I have to say that this rant is a regular occurrence and even I fall victim. Every time I head to the grocery store in search of items that take me onto the cleaning supplies I get so frustrated and yet even I cave and buy the products, even knowing what I know. All in the name of saving time. The fact of the matter is I could save a ton of time and money by just doing a few simple things around the house. Almost all of the cleaners we have today are new inventions. If you think about it people have been cleaning houses long before Clorox or Windex.. Simple things in  your home can be the best cleaners and be safe for all involved. I have horrible Allergies and cleaners tend to be big culprits on this front. If you want to kill me fast just clean with Pine-Sol while I am around. White Vinegar is an amazing cleaner. It does wonders on Floors and in Laundry. I mix about 1/2 cup of vinegar with Warm Water and it scrubs my floors up very nice. I pour about the same into my load of laundry and any cat or baby smells just vanish. I use to have an animal that would have accidents all the time. Well some Vinegar on the stain for about 10 minutes and then blot dry and small and stain gone. For added cleaning ability you can mix with water and laundry Soda. And the list goes on and on. Now if you just took the recipes and made a few bottles of things and labeled them you could save a ton on cleaning supplies. I mean really, the green cleaners in the store and more expensive than the others. So why not just make them at home and your all set. I recommend anyone attempting green cleaners for the first time to either look into a company like EcoSense or to pick up a book so you get the recipes right. Safety is important even with all natural items and mixing things in wrong orders or quantities can cause problems that are easily avoided. Listed are a few books that I have looked into and
would recommend. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

Well I find myself sitting on the couch watching Fireworks on TV. At the moment I am watching the Boston Pops Fireworks and you know what I am rather enjoying sitting at home and not burning up money. My husband and I have been sitting here talking and you know we love the idea of personal fireworks being illegal. I know that is so not 4th of July, but hey it works in California. So many people around here burn themselves or their houses and it would just be safer and cheaper for all involved if they were illegal. Also there are lots of places that do big shows and We live not far from Ft Vancouver if you really want a huge show, but even that is on TV. I think that like most holidays things have become too commercial. People break the law left and right to have the biggest and the best fireworks. Is that really what we have come to as a county?

What happened to celebrating freedom and the true meaning behind our country? America was founded for the right to make our own choices and to decide things for ourself. That does not mean we need to forget common sense. Then again most as I watch the Sing along with Boston Pops most people don't even know the words to the songs that illustrate our history. American history is fraught with trials and lessons for us to learn and how many people forget the true meaning of this day? My 10 year old sister looked at me and said "what do you mean no fireworks, that is what we do today" It is sad to me that is the only thing most people think of.

So take some time to remember and find a story that touches you about the importance of this day.
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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Under Construction

Happy 4th of July weekend

My Pages are being ungraded by a dear friend of mine New pages and subjects will be coming soon.

Enjoy your weekend and be safe

Thursday, July 1, 2010

To my Followers

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we have a tooth

So my daughter has been really clingy this week and my Blog has suffered. I just barely got to  my blog for Straight Talk on Religion and it was a very blunt and straightforward post this week. The reason for the clingy child well We finally have a tooth. We are 8 months old this week and our first tooth has finally cut the gums. We have runny nose, drool extreme and clingy big time. And in feeling it looks like tooth 2 is right behind this one.

Now I have not shared much about me or the likes since I started the blog. So you might be scratching your head about the real life of this blog. I will occasionally talk about a week with the child or something like that but I really am opposed to blogs that give full details of daily life or of children. In this world that is just asking for problems. But i will blog about struggles of being a stay at home mother, of missing adult interaction and of things i do to stay busy and to help keep the household budget.

I will share hobbies, Good books I read, challenges in keeping up with a little one, Fun ideas and adventures and other things. So bare with me as this blog grows and develops eventually a common idea will come out and the blog will evolve into it's true nature. For now keep reading and be sure to check out my Straight Talk about Religion side Blog. SAH Chronicles--Straight Talk about Religion