Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trying something new

So in my attempt to be a better writer and reader I have recently installed the Blogger app on my phone. And I have successfully published a post from it (not this one). I am hoping that this will allow me more opportunity to write when I think of things and Well I am getting on my hubby to set up my computer. It is finally fixed and home but just sitting in a pile in my room.

Well to help encourage me to write and to see if anyone actually gives a hoot I am stealing an idea from a friend of mine.I am holding a Contest. However I am doing a two fold contest. One is for comments and the other is for Ideas.

Comment Contest: anyone who posts a comment during the month of April will be in a drawing for a $25 gift card from a TBD location. You can post once per blog post. So If I post on all my blogs you can comment on them all.

Idea Contest: Any one who submits Ideas via email to me will be entered into a drawing for another $25 gift card. Ideas can be on anything you want me to write about, or any questions you have. It can also be a book recommendation or a craft idea. If I use your idea in a post you get double entries.

So enjoy the month of April and I will do my best to stay on top of posts.

A freebie entry is available for any comments made on March 31, 2010 (today) to any of my past posts.

Good Luck

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Deep Thoughts...

So it is interesting the things you learn from Disney movies.

Tonight we were watching Brother Bear, and I must say it impresses me that Disney did a movie with such a deep thought provoking meaning. I am amazed they even touched an Eskimo legend in the first place, but they did such a great job. I mean the whole point of the movie is to open yourself to the things around you and see things how others might. That is a pretty big lesson that far too many children are not taught. Our society has worked very hard for women and minorities to have their voice and yet not everyone is treated equal.

What are we teaching our kids? are we teaching them to love as Christ did and accept others not matter what. We don't have to agree with them or approve of their choices but we do have to love them. That is what Christ taught. Whether you are Christian or not the lesson should be the same. Accept others no matter the choices they make.  And be willing to look at things from their point of view. You don't ever have to agree you just need to be open minded enough to listen. Too often our children and even ourselves are caught in the traps of believes or view points.

Maybe we all need to sit down and watch Brother Bear until the message sinks in. Maybe that will help. Until we are willing to open our minds and our hearts, how will our children ever learn.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the Small things

Why is it that Laundry is always so mounting? I swear we don't own that much clothing but it always seems to be a huge daunting task...How do you handle it? I swear if I have to change outfits on a toddler one more time today I am going to scream! It seems odd to me that someone so small and yet fill up so many loads of laundry.

It made me think about the other things in life that seem so small yet fill up our time and take our energy. We think that it is just a small thing it won't matter or it is no big deal but in the end it takes away our time and energy from more important things. Yet there are other small things in life that if we sacrifice for them they will bless and enrich our lives. The challenge is determining which small things are worth it and what ones we can do without.

Can we do without that show on tv? or even the tv in general? Can we do without family time? Those are the questions each of us need to ask. We need to figure out what is more important. After the events in Japan and the ongoing struggles that these people will be facing it is important for each of us to remember that we need to pick and choose what is important to us. Because ultimately it can all be taken away. However things like Knowledge, Love and Faith no disaster or man can take away from you.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Well today, like most of you, I awoke to news of Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. While I feel for all those who have been impacted I must admit that my thoughts turned to my own family today. My Husband is in school for Disaster Management and this is exactly the kind of thing he is learning to deal with. When he is done he will be a 1st responder and depending on where he gets a job he would have been dropping everything to rush to the aid of those in need. I cherish his ability to help and keep a level head in situations like this, however I am finding that I am very selfish as well. If something happened here he would be expected to work and help others while I am left to handle things for our family. I knew this going in and we have had many conversations about this very thing. But the fact is the prospect scares me. He has amazing skills and gifts that will save lives and help many people in severe times of need and I know that he is meant to share those talents. I also know that should the time come I will be granted the strength to take care of our family and those friends in need. But when something this severe happens it definitely makes you think. I live in an area where this very thing could happen. A quake like this is exactly what we need to be prepared for. I knew that growing up here. I live in the shadow of volcanoes and I live with major faults nearby. I guess now that my Husband is learning how to help these people and is doing detailed analysis of these types of events it is hitting home even more.
My heart and prayers go out to those in Japan who need them and also to the families of those who will be sharing family members with the people of Japan. May the Lord guide them to use their talents and help those in need the most and bless the families that sacrifice so that those men & Women can save others.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Well My dear readers, I know I promised to start writing more after my last post...Well life has other plans...

So I am now 5 months Pregnant with our new addition and I finally have some energy and I am no longer sicker than a dog everyday..just some...Unfortunately I am a late Morning Sickness person and I get pretty sick between months 3 and 5. But I am finally able to eat again and I can get out of bed and at least attempt to get something done.

Our little girl is now 16 months old (going on 4) and The poor thing is working on cutting several teeth all at once including Molars. So when mommy has been feeling well she is not. Poor thing. Not to mention a horrible head cold is pretty much rotating through our home, none of us ever have it at the same time but when we get it there is no hope...

I have recently decided to stay at home for good (at least for a few years). The stress of things and my general sanity was at stake. I am much happier now and the days we are all feeling well are such fun for me and our daughter. It will be great to add another munchkin this summer...We find out in 2 weeks what our new addition will be...Right now we are split I want another Little Girl and my Husband wants a Little we will see who is right :-)

Our family is being truly blessed right now and I am so happy to have this opportunity to share with all of you. I promise more antics and fun to follow soon and maybe some pictures of our adventures...

See you next time....