Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Blog Coming Soon

I am working on an extension Blog...Should be exciting....Get your questions in now regarding Family History and Genealogy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well we are almost at the 1st birthday

Well here i sit with a full fledge toddler dancing to some music in my Living Room. My precious little bundle I had when I started this Blog is now almost 1 and way to smart for her age. We have been exploring the Potty, We walk and Man do we throw Temper Tantrums. We love to dance and sing. She constantly steals her daddy's flutes to play with them and she is super excited about the piano. Man do i have my hands full. I have been focusing mostly on my Straight Talk about Religion Blog lately and I want you all to know it has nothing to do with anything personal I just have been feeling very drawn towards that page as a way to get things out of my head. I have been running into so much Hatred and Persecution lately that I feel the best way to approach things is with my Blog, That way if you dont want to read it you dont have to and if you do you are fair warned.
My Craft Blog is getting updated about every 2 weeks but It will be home to some pictures and reviews of some more grown up craft ideas in the near future. Christmas will bring some fun and pictures.
Also with that said the Recipes on a Budget Blog is going to be featuring Custom Cakes for the next little bit. The first one will be this weekend and We will be making a from scratch German Chocolate Cake along with doing a cake carving and decoration with Pipping and Fondant. Next week will be be doing Cupcakes for a kids party and a classic 1st Birthday cake....Shortly after that we will be doing a Princess cake...or possibly a dog or cat cake...The birthday girl for that one has not made up her mind. Each cake will have a special twist and you will just have to check in for details and secrets :-) Not to mention it is time for Thanksgiving Recipes. I don;t know about you but it usually takes me most of November to plan what I am doing...and that is just if I am taking a dish to someone's house.

The Chronicles are jumping into an new era and we will be at home with a Daddy in School and a Stay at home mommy...Not to mention Miss Smarty Pants.

Well all My rant for today is....why cant i have more hands. My house was clean last week but it is almost worse this week...WHAT HAPPENED....Oh well time to get working on it again

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Blogging Morning

So we have been having tons of fun the last few days with Teething. But I am starting to enjoy being a morning person. okay so that is a fib. I still hate mornings but I am finding that I get up with the Hubby and can't go back to sleep...So it is all his fault. :-P
Anyway So I am enjoy these mornings because I am now getting about 2 hours a day in the morning that I can Blog and other things with out a munchkin in tow. I am knee deep in two family history projects and I am working on Ideas for getting my business off the ground. I am also gearing up for 4 weeks of Birthdays followed by Thanksgiving and then Christmas. and Then more Birthdays...Wow this is a busy time of year for us.
Crazy. Anyway. Check out my other blog pages and I will keep them coming. Please be patient if I get a little lax There is a lot going on. My original plan of Sundays to blog is long lost and I am just trying to get to them during the week day mornings when I can.
Thank you all for following my rants and be sure to share my Blogs with others..honestly right now I am beginning to think no one reads any of it....But I guess I had a comment on one of them...So someone did...
Well thanks anyways and I will be around...

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Okay So yesterday I had some just random catch up rants....Okay so it set in that it is now October....OMW I better get planning and scheming. We are having a Be a kid Party on the 30th and we are so excited. This also happens to be my dad's birthday so we are planning a fun full day of goof off and food. But I sure need to gt planning. I got some great goody bags at Dollar Tree. I totally need things to fill them with now...I think we are going to do Candy since many of our guests are using the party as a substitute to Trick or Treating. While we were looking at Halloween Decorations my husband found new dishes he wants. They are plastic...Not sure how I feel about that but Maybe...and they are all decked out with Pirate Jolly Rogers. Then there were some awesome mugs I liked. Have I mentioned that in our Home we go all out for Halloween. Our Little one is getting like 3 costumes and Mommy and Daddy dress up too. Not to mention that Daddy puts a lot of time into a Haunted house in the area. So he is super busy. The only thing we are missing is not having a yard to decorate...But we have a solution...we are going to crash my folks, rack their leaves and fill a huge Spider to leave on their retaining wall....but shhhh we have not told them. Okay so beyond that we are also going to a great event at the Oregon Zoo on the 30th. It is called Howloween and it will be a fun activity for the kids. Everyone is welcome to Dress up but Please remember that the animals will react to some costumes so keep them mellow.

Well I better get planning...Man only a few weeks to get everything together...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October already

Wow, so time has just flown by. My precious little joy will be a year next month. WOW what can I say. She is walking and practically running around the house, and a stroller just will not contain her. We arediligently working to get my husband all set up with College. He has found a program that is perfect for him and all online. We are just sorting out the funding and then we will be good to go. Classes start November 1st. YEAH!!!. 

Life has just taken off and has been rushing by with out me, it feels. I am here and I am still functioning. I am fighting a battle to maintain my medical insurance and We are starting to contemplate the next spirit to join our home. Today and tomorrow I am taking the time to slow down and enjoy Conference from the comfort of my own home. I have been blessed to attend the temple several times in the last several weeks and I am truly touched by the simplicity of the things there in. I am looking forward to sharing these wonderful sessions with my dear friends. I had the amazing privilege that the beginning of September to sit with two gals who I have known for years. Our lives have changed drastically in the last 10 years and non of us are were we thought we would be, however we were able to sit together in the house of the lord on an amazing day that non of us will ever forget, no matter were our lives take us. I only hope that life will work out for us to enjoy the house of the lord together again. 

I have also be very busy exploring new opportunities for my family and for my self to build relationships with amazing people all over the world. Not to mention I have been knee deep in a family history mystery and I think I have solved it. Still waiting on some further information but I think by george I got it.!!!!

Well that is my rant...