Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you in cyber world...Hope your holiday is filled with fun and laughter and that you are enjoying the time you are blessed with to enjoy your family.

To all those families who are missing loved ones this year. never fear because of this glorious day you will be with them again and the lord will keep them safe until then.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A wonderful Blog to share

So I love this Guy. His name is Michael McLean and many of you know I love the Forgotten Carols. I have mentioned them in my book blog. Well he is the author/composer of that wonderful musical play. I recently got to hear him speak and perform..WOW it was amazing. He talked about being clinically depressed and how it effected his life. Of course I want to know the meds he is on cause they have to be good.
Anyway he keeps a blog called Mission 2 Be is not much but it is good to hear such a talented and spiritual man admit to his issues and work on making every day happy.

Enjoy my friends

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Peanut Gallery Comments

Well dear readers it is a very sad day when you look at your baby and see a little girl. My munchkin is only 13 months but suddenly the baby is no more and she is a full fledge toddler. Man she has grow up too fast. It really makes me realize what we hear all the time about don't blink you will miss it. Granted I will be the first to admit my daughter is not the typical 13 month old. I am not one to brag or to compare but my little one really is just a miss smarty pants. We talk, We walk, We started running this week, We climb, We know grandma's doggies name, we can call our kitty and we love the word NO. She has even started trying to climb on the big girl bed in her room. We are thinking of getting her some railings and some special sheets soon so we can start trying nap time. She is just so cute. But it sure does bug me when other people who don't know her try to tell me I am doing it wrong.

The other day we were out and about and I swear it was nosy lady day. First I got told giving my daughter a lollipop was bad parenting, and then I got informed that she was too little for sippy cups, and then some moron decided that letting my daughter walk while holding my hand was wrong and unsafe of me. I mean come on people do you think I am such a moron that I can't make decisions for my child or that I need the whole world to tell me what to do. My daughter had a lollipop because the poor girl is cutting 4 teeth. She deserved a little something. And She is too plenty old enough for a sippy cup. What should I let her have a bottle until she is 5 like your kid and give her soda in her bottle to boot? As for walking while holding my hand: at least she is holding my hand and behaving unlike your kid who almost ran in front of a car and got hit.

I mean there are a ton of things that I see other parents doing, especially on the MAX., and yet I don't say a word. I mean some of these kids are real hellions. But I don't throw some fit or say some smart remark under my breath about the parents so they can hear. I mean I might say something after they leave but never to the parent.

So unless you know exactly every detail of my child's behavior and their personality like I do..Just Shut up.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa Claus

So this is a topic that I thought long and hard about the best place in my blog to put it. I finally came to the realization that it is really my Rant for the season and deserves to be treated as such.

Santa is a viable part of Christmas and He does not take away anything away from the celebration of the season nor does he take the thunder from Jesus Christ. Yes many people around the world do not believe in Jesus and they just celebrate the secular holiday. But frankly even they are learning something about Christ by having Santa.

It really drives me crazy to here Christians say that Santa has nothing to do with the True meaning of Christmas and that We should just forget him. Well Guess what folks...Open up your brains and face the facts you can't keep Santa from your kids and you really can't tell people he is of the devil. So get over it. Santa is a mythical embodiment of the Spirit of Christmas. He teaches Selfless giving and service to others. He teaches that all should be loved and treated as equals no matter their race, age or religion. He teaches our Children that we should give to others with no need for anything in return. As parents it is our job and responsibility to teach these things to our Children. It is our responsibility to share the story of the Nativity with our families and to teach the boundaries and true meanings of the things that Santa Embodies.

Instead of telling our children he is evil and that he has no place in Christmas take a minute to see what he represents. He represents the Love of Jesus. He gives to all in the world as Jesus does. He never expects anything in return, As Jesus does. He gives of himself freely as Jesus Does and Most of all he teaches us to Love on another as Jesus Taught. So if you look at him that way how can you teach your children to not do the things that Jesus Taught. How can you not be Santa for a family in need? How can you not reach out to those who may not know Christ and tell them that what they know is wrong? Even if they don't know Christ they know that Christmas is a time for giving.

Now I know you are going to say well it is so commercial and it is all give me, give me. give me...Well guess what that is our faults. We are not spreading the teachings of the season. We are not acting as Santa to those who need it, We are not teaching our Children the true meaning of the holiday.

The Facts of the situation are very simple. Historically the Tax season in Rome was in the Spring. This means Christ was not actually born on Christmas. The general historical concession is that Christmas was not adopted until the 4th Century AD. There are many different theories as to how Christmas came to be celebrated on December 25th. The most common is that the Roman Empire combined the Christian Feast with Yule to avoid issues between the Pagans and the Christians. The tradition of Santa are believed to be based on a man by the name of St Nicholas who was a Bishop of the Church and was attributed with many Miracles in his life time. His birthday is recognized as December 5th and is Celebrated in many areas with the giving of Gifts. Because he was a selfless man who Served Christ he is believed to be the Origin of Santa Claus.

So Consider this before you say that Santa has no place in Christmas...Does Selfless giving and service have anything to do with Christmas? In our Home Santa is very important and  yet before any presents are opened or another things are done on Christmas morning the Nativity is read. There for putting Christ at the Center of Christmas. Our Family man not have much this year but we are going to be Santa for several families we know who deserve a little holiday joy.