Tuesday, June 22, 2010

update- layout changes

Straight Talk about Religion has a new home. This should allow for a much easier way to share information and save posts. Because of this page layouts and links will be changing this next week as i have a chance.

Monday, June 21, 2010

New archiving idea

Okay all so after some thought I have decided that as I update my pages I will keep old posts underneath the new ones. After 1 month the posts will make an appearance on the main page and then be Archived for reference. So if you miss something and can't find it don't worry it will pop up again.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

week of adventures

This has been an adventurous week. After our week of the sick Child we had a ton of stuff this week. But yet we did not accomplish much. However the Child now walks around the living room saying "go Bye Bye" it took us a day or two to figure out what she was saying but once we did she was so excited. We are also now very successfully using the sign for play and we wave both hi and bye bye. When some friends were over earlier in the week she walked up to the friend and started whispering a very important secret. it was very funny. At weeks end we are just lounging around. Still need to make daddy's present for today and then we need to get ready for church and yet the house has blown up cause we were on the go all week. Really must set guidelines for how much we can do...time to break out the scheduler for summer..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Share with friends

So take a minute and read my new posts. Also even if you don't agree with some of it still share it. My goal is to help people understand and learn.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pages updated

Check out the new weekly post on the Straight Talk About Religion Page. Hopefully this page will be updated every Sunday. So check it out. Please Use the Comment Section on the page to submit Questions and I will do my best to provide answers.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The week of the Sick Child

So I am sitting on my couch today missing my one and only day of work a week because my munchkin has been sick all week. It started with a fever and looked like it might just be teething related. Then we developed a cough that was effecting her enough that we went to the ER at 2am on Wednesday, only to be told there is nothing wrong it is just a phase. After attempting to get some sleep on Wednesday we got a call from the doctor they wanted to see her on Thursday. So we finally make it into the Doctor on Thursday and we basically get told it is viral and they can send us antiboitics but she will probably just get better over time. My poor Munchkin is definatley not feeling well. Runny nose, icky eyes, cough and just plain fussy. Mommy has not slept in days. This little adventure in motherhood has definately lent to some interesting thoughts and some ideas for posting. So with all my time of hanging with the Sick kiddo I am now full of fresh ideas for my ramblings and things to share.

Plans for my blog will be a couple posts a week, I am going to be realistic and not commit to posting every day but I will sure try. Some great ideas will come
Food Storage Tips
Sewing Tips
Fun Crafts
and well anything else that I think about.....